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Company Information

RIO, now part of Luna Innovations, headquartered in Santa Clara California, develops and manufactures optical sources and subsystems based on its proprietary planar external cavity laser technology (PLANEX™), which delivers unique price-performance advantages in energy, security, infrastructure, metrology, and other markets.
RIO’s product lines include 1550nm single frequency narrow linewidth lasers and modules with very low noise, unparalleled wavelength stability, low cost, small size, low power dissipation, and Telecom grade lifetime reliability.


Founded in Australia in 2000 as Redfern Integrated Optics, before moving to Silicon Valley in 2003 and backed by a consortium of venture capital funds, RIO was the first company to develop a commercially viable semi-conductor laser optimized for fiber sensing applications. In 2014, RIO became part of OptaSense Ltd., a leading provider of distributed fiber-optic sensing. In 2020, following Luna’s acquisition of OptaSense, RIO became part of Luna.


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